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Retirement Benefits Estimate Calculator

This calculator will allow you to generate an estimate of your future retirement benefits, however, it does not replace the actual calculation of benefits when you retire. If you are planning to retire, you should request estimates from the Employees' Retirement System (ERS).

Required Information

You will need to provide information about:

  • yourself

  • your beneficiary
  • your employment history
  • your salary

Additional information Contributory members need to provide:

  • Retirement contributions to December 31, 1986
  • Total accumulated contributions, plus interest

Additional information Hybrid members need to provide if Noncontributory service was upgraded:

  • Year(s) and Month(s) of upgraded Noncontributory computed service
  • Total cost for the upgraded Noncontributory service

Additional information for acquired or purchased service:

  • Include any acquired or purchased service that you may have.  All acquired or purchased service must be entered in the appropriate plan.

Things to Consider

The calculator will not:

  • estimate your future retirement benefit using an "inflation factor"
  • add interest to the estimated contributions
  • estimate disability retirement benefits
  • use any information from your ERS records, just the information you provide


By using this retirement calculator, I acknowledge and agree that:

  1. this calculator provides an unofficial estimate of retirement benefits;

  2. the ERS retains no record of estimates produced by this calculator;

  3. the ERS has no liability or obligation, to pay any amount as a result of using this calculator, and

  4. this estimate calculation is not to be construed in any way as a promise or contract with the ERS to pay the amount calculated, or any other amount.

All final retirement benefits shall be determined by the ERS in accordance with the laws in effect at the time of retirement. 


I have read and understand the above information. 

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