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Landscape Architecture Program

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Landscape architecture is a diverse profession that encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of the natural and built environment.


At Hawaii DOT, landscape architects strive to provide design solutions that enhance the quality of life, emphasize safety, preserve & protect environmental resources, sustainable & durable, aesthetic & scenic qualities, economic development, roadside vegetation management and integration of community values & regional context to ensure transportation facilities fit within the land and our communities.


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1.      HDOT Statewide Noxious Invasive Pest Program

The HDOT Statewide Noxious Invasive Pest Program establishes a ten year strategic plan to mitigate the introduction, spread and impact of invasive species within the state highways right-of-way.

                  a.  10 Year SNIPP Strategic Plan (pdf 815 KB)

                  b.  Priority Invasive Species Posters

                         i.  Big Island Priority Invasive Species Poster (pdf 546 KB)

                        ii.  Kauai Priority Invasive Species Poster (pdf 380 KB)

                       iii.  Maui Priority Invasive Species Poster (pdf 386 KB)

                       iv.  Oahu Priority Invasive Species Poster (pdf 395 KB)

                        v.  HDOT Priority Invasive Species Poster (pdf 374KB)

                  c.  Environmental Stewardship Posters

                         i.  Big Island Stewardship Poster (pdf 447 KB)

                        ii.  Kauai Priority Stewardship Poster (pdf 267 KB)

                        iii.  Maui Priority Stewardship Poster (pdf 273 KB)

                        iv.  Oahu Priority Stewardship Poster (pdf 157 KB)

                  e.  Wildlife Conservation Endangered Species Poster (pdf 328 KB)

                  f.   Halawa Valley Weed ID Cards (pdf 1.14 MB)


HDOT Landscape Manual Cover

2.      HDOT Highway Manual for Sustainable Landscape Maintenance

The State Highway Manual for Sustainable Landscape Maintenance establishes statewide standards and provides step-by-step directions for roadside maintenance staff and contractors.


            i.  Cover (pdf 600 KB)

           ii.  Table of Contents (pdf 600 KB)

          iii.   Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf 1.2 MB) Introduction Chapters 1-3


          iv.   Chapter 2 – Planning & Strategies (pdf 1.4 MB)   


           v.   Chapter 3 – Landscape Maintenance Zone (pdf 2.8  MB)   

          vi.   Chapter 4 – Safety (pdf 2.3 MB)    Safety Rules  Safety Traffic Control

         vii.   Chapter 5 – Mowing & Edging (pdf 2.8 MB)    Mowing

        viii.   Chapter 6 – Pruning (PDF 10.4 MB)  Pruning 

         ix.   Chapter 7 – Rubbish and Debris (pdf 900 KB)    Rubbish and Debris

          x.   Chapter 8 – Replacing Plants (pdf 2.7 MB)    Rubbish and Debris

         xi.   Chapter 9 – Invasive Species Management (pdf 1.1 MB)  Rubbish and Debris 

        xii.   Chapter 10 – Use of Pesticides (pdf 3.5 MB)  Rubbish and Debris   

        xiii.   Chapter 11 – Fertilizers (pdf 4.4 MB)    Rubbish and Debris

        xiv.   Chapter 12 – Irrigation System (pdf 21 MB)    Rubbish and Debris

         xv.   Chapter 13 – Contractor  Qualifications (pdf 570 KB)    Rubbish and Debris

        xvi.   Chapter 14 – Reporting (pdf 700 KB)  Rubbish and Debris 

       xvii.   Chapter 15 – Inspecting Vegetation Maintenance Work (pdf 600 KB)    Rubbish and Debris

      xviii.   Appendixes (pdf 1.8 MB)    


Purchase Information

Contractors may purchase the State Highway Manual for Sustainable Landscape Maintenance from Ms. Emily Hsu of our Staff Services Office at (808) 587-4069. The cost is $41.00 per book if you request that it be mailed to you within Hawaii, $47.00 per book if mailed to the mainland, or $35.00 per book if picked up at 869 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Mail requests to Ms. Emily Hsu, Hawaii Department of Transportation,
869 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-5097.


Contact Information

Chris Dacus P.L.A.
State of Hawaii Department of Transportation
Highways Division, Design Branch, Landscape Design
601 Kamokila Boulevard, Room 609
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707
Tel: (808) 692-8363
Fax: (808) 692-7590

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